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17th International Conference on English Historical Linguistics


Plenary Speakers

Joan Beal, University of Sheffield
"The Eighteenth-Century Speaks: The Challenge of Historical Phonology of the Late Modern Period"

Anne Curzan, University of Michigan
"Prescriptivism: More Than Descriptivism's Foil"

David Denison, University of Manchester
"On the history of English (and) word classes"

Risto Hiltunen, University of Turku
"Pragmatics meets paratexts: Early English prologues and epilogues"

Ursula Lenker, Catholic University Eichstätt-Ingolstadt
"Knitting and Splitting Information: Medial Placement of Adverbials in the History of English"

Linda van Bergen, University of Edinburgh
"Let's talk about uton"

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